Truly, this is the one and only guide to the city of Venice, which is divided into several sections and supplies information about places of interest and organized events in the city of Venice.

Many of the places and events listed also include photographs given to OMNIA OFFICE sas by photographers who wish to share their own "releases" with the world of the web.

Also this web site enables the inclusion of events in a way that is independent of the organizers of the site, guaranteeing broad visibility thanks to the guaranteed traffic to the

Moreover, thanks to the synergy with the international service of hotel reservation,, our portal supplies access to the reservation of more than 200 places to stay while visiting the city. One of the future initiatives tied to is the creation of a section dedicated to Venetian culture (handicraft, kitchen, etc), to other events and historical festivities that are held in the lagoon city, as well as to the publication of literary works about Venetian culture.