Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival 2012

11 February 2012
12 February 2012
13 February 2012
14 February 2012
15 February 2012
20 February 2012
21 February 2012

Piazza San Marco. The most “Carnival” Contest is back at San Marco Gran Teatro . The competitors parade on stage, in an emotional contest full of costumes, masks and wigs.  Two daily shows, at 11.00 am and 4.00 pm.

Even this year, from 11th to 15th and from 20th to 21st February , every day the contest will have a winner and a subject connected to Venice and theatre.

Every day the entertainers will invite the masked competitors on the stage to perform in different sketches and acts, and the public of the lounge area will vote the winner for the most beautiful mask and the most exciting performance.

The subjects from 12th to 15th and on 20th-21st February:

  • 12th February 2012 – “Wings, Angels and.. other flying objecs”: from the ancient history of Hicarus, to the flights’s dreams, until the U.f.o., the bizarre relationship with the flight.
  • 13th February 2012 – “Who’s looking for love, who rejects love”, to celebrate the unfaithful love, the conquest, but also to laugh at a love that’s over and start a new love story.
  •  14th February 2012 – “ Love”
  •  15th February 2012 – “Food and Love”: the recipes of love, anything you do for love or for food, aphrodisiac foods and other subjects will be object of the parody and of the interviews to the masks on stage.
  • 20th February 2012 –“Life is theatre”
  •  21st February 2012- “The Madness”: the world is a madhouse, that is, life on one’s back.