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[ 14 February 2015; 16:00 to 18:00. ] Hotel Danieli
Saturday, 14 February @ 4 p.m.
Dance lessons and hot chocolate in the wonderful hall of the hotel Danieli.

Afternoon dances with the Dance Masters while sipping hot chocolate and tasting carnival pastry in the astonishing hall of the Danieli Hotel. You can learn some easy 18th-century dances, like minuet, cotillion, and other period dances. It’s an opportunity […]

CARNIVAL DREAM – Celebration of Love

[ 14 February 2015 20:30 to 15 February 2015 01:00. ] Ridotto Hall
Saturday  14 February @ 8.30 p.m.
The perfect evening to celebrate love in the most romantic city of the world and during the most seductive time of the year. 

In the Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th century where nobles, gamblers and adventurers were regular, it will take place the […]