Ieong Kent

Kent IeongBorn in Macao. In 2000, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Communication from the Macao Polytechnic Institute.
Now working as a graphic designer in the Macao Museum of Art, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau in Macao.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2005 "Macao New Wave" Contemporary Art Exhibition (Macao)
2004 "The City Community – The Images" – Video Installation Exhibition (Macao)
2003 "Isolation & Communication – Macao & Zhu Hai Contemporary Arts" (Macao)
"Sheep Year"-Installation Exhibition (Macao)
2002 "Encounter Over Seas" – Macao Artists in Taiwan Exchange Exhibition (Taiwan)
"Sketch Exhibition 2" – Installation Exhibition (Macao)
2001 "Easy Installation" – Macao Artists Installation Exhibition (Old Ladies’House, Macao)
"Butterflies" – Installation Exhibition (Old Ladies’ House, Macao)
"Invivible City" – Video Exhibition (Old Ladies’ House, Macao)
1999 "4XXX"- Installation & Dance Theatre Exhibition (Macao)
"Sodom & Gommoch"- Installation Exhibition (Hong Kong)
"Dreaming on the Old Bridge"- Installation on the Macao-Taipa Bridge, Fringe 1999 (Macao)
"C Clone" – Contemporary Art Exhibition (Macao)
"Art Fairs of the XI Macao Art Festivals" (Macao)

Video Projections

2004 Encounter with Alice of 2004 (I) – Performance
Encounter with Alice of 2004 (II) – Performance
2003 Reply of Mr.Q – Performance
2002 Dedicated Sound of Mongolia
The reply of "Lost and Found" (Chinese Drama Festival 2002)
2001 "Lost and Found" – Installation and Dance Theatre (Fringe 2001)

Selected Group Exhibitions (Graphic Design)

Crech Republic, Osaka, Korea, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc


Dice – The sculpture is to express the regulations of a modern city, law and order in legislation and social and value contradictions that result in a perplexed state without order. What is the way out for contemporary man in the future? Perhaps this is a question that can never be answered.