Torcello Island

From Burano one reaches the island of Torcello in few minutes. This island offers lush farmlands and still keeps, at its center, the ruins of its past power and glory. The island was populated since very old times by people seeking protection from Barbarian invasions.
A legend narrates that many inhabitants of a mainland city left their homes to come here, following a voice from the sky, in memory of their Turris they named it Torcello.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

An ancient inscription puts the date of construction at 639, in the Byzantine period, by the order of the “Esarca ravennate Isaacio”. It is held that the church was only for devotion, and was then renovated and restored, following the...

Chiesa di Santa Fosca (Torcello)

The church, in the form of a Greek cross with three naves with a prolonged arm in the three apses. The central dome was not built and was substituted by a wooden roof. The building dates from the 11th or 12 century. Its octagonal perimeter is...

Trono di Attila

In the only square in Torcello, at the end of the street which opens among numerous fields and sparse houses, stands the marble throne which was made for the bishop or for whoever represented political power.